7 Hot Cities That Have Inspired Wines and a Wall Wine Rack

Do you like wine? Along with Chinese and French food, Italian is one of the Big 3’s of international cuisine. However, each region of Italy has its own flavor literally. That is true of both its food and beverages. While less famous for its food, Spain also contains regions that are famous for their wines. When selecting a wall wine rack, consider the different cities of Italy and Spain that produce a cornucopia of wines each with its own distinct flavor:

1. Barcelona:
The Carthaginians founded this Northeast Spanish city along the Mediterranean Sea. Throughout its history, the Romans, Visigoths, Moors, and the Franks have ruled the area. Barcelona is the nation’s second largest city and its biggest port. After becoming an important commercial center of Spain, it even challenged the ports of Italy.

2. Girona
Girona is the capital city of the Girona province. Some of the main industries of the city include chemicals, food, machinery, paper, and textile. This city is older than the Roman Empire. In fact, the city still retains aspects of its Medieval heritage. Its people successfully resisted the French, from 1808-1809.

3. Milan
Consider wines from Milan when selecting a wall wine rack. This city is located in the northern region of Italy. It is likely that the region has Celtic origins. The Roman conquered it during 222 BC. Due to its tactical location, since Medieval times this city has been a center of various industries.

4. Naples
This city is located in the South-Central region of Italy. It sits along the Bay of Naples. The Greeks founded the city at around 600 BC. Then in the 4th century BC, the Romans conquered the region. Today, Naples serves as an Italian center for business, tourism, and culture.

5. Palermo
Palermo is a city located in the northwest part of Sicily, Italy. The Phoenicians founded the city during the 8th century BC. After functioning as a military base of the Carthagians, the Romans conquered it from 254-253 BC. After Arabs controlled the city, it served as the Sicily kingdom’s capital until 1194.

6. Roma
The capital of Italy, Rome is located in the nation’s central region, along the Tiber River. During the time of the Roman Empire, Rome’s authority stretched over other regions, including Cyprus, Jerusalem, Gaul, and Syria. It became Italy’s capital in 1870. Today, Rome serves as Italy’s centers for administration, transportation, and culture.

7. Turin
Celebrate Turin when selecting a wall wine rack. This city is located in the northwestern region of Italy. The Taurini founded it. Hannibal partially destroyed the city in 218 BC. Later, Emperor Augustus made the city a military colony of the Roman Empire. Both Charlemagne and the French controlled the region throughout history. Fashion and automobiles are key industries in Turin.

When wall decorating the walls in your home, consider styles that various cities in Italy and Spain, have inspired. Each region boasts of a unique wine tradition and flavor. Enjoy a taste of Italy or Spain when loading your wall wine rack.. best wine tours in Willamette Valley

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