A Career in Voice Overs

You hear voices all day on the radio, TV commercials, movies and video games. You probably don’t think much about who is behind those voices, but that is where a voice over artist comes in. Also known as audio actors, voice over artists work on a variety of projects including commercials, cartoons, movies, television, radio, and even audio books and audible educational materials. In addition to a good reading voice, these performers have excellent acting skills and the ability to take direction. They also need to have a high-quality microphone and access to editing software.

A career in voice overs can be very lucrative for those who are good at it. It is not as physically demanding as other performance careers, so people of all ages can pursue it. It also offers a lot of flexibility since you can do the work from home.

Many aspiring and veteran voice over artists get their start by submitting their demo recordings to talent agencies or attending casting calls. The industry is highly competitive, and it can be difficult to secure jobs. Some voice over artists also provide live performances for advertising and theatrical productions.

If you are considering a career in voice overs, make sure to record a demo reel that includes different snippets of your best work. This will allow potential employers to see your range of skills and choose the right voice for their project. Once you have a demo, network with others in the industry to find work opportunities. voice over artists

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