A Look at Silver Judaica

From receptacles for Hanukkah lamps to Kiddush cups and Torah pointers, the vast majority of Judaica objects are made from silver. That’s because the material is durable, hardy, and will not rust or change into weird colors. In fact, silver judaica can last for years when it is properly taken care of.

This is one of the reasons that most reputable shops specialize in providing silver items for the Jewish community. These stores often carry a variety of different products that can be used for different occasions, ceremonies, or holidays. They also offer a number of unique gifts that are developed especially for kids to help them learn about Jewish tradition and culture.

In many cases, the Judaica pieces produced by contemporary silversmiths rely on a traditional design that reflects an ancient concept known as hiddur mitzvah, or “observance in beauty.” This notion is evident in works by the four artisans featured in this exhibition: Robyn Nichols, Kurt Matzdorf, Sue Amendolara, and Harold Rabinowitz.

All of the artists in this exhibition have forged their own distinct styles, but they all embrace the ritualistic traditions of Judaism as a living religion. As a result, their work expresses both a bold contemporary spirit and a reverence for the past.

Most judaica stores will also sell items crafted from gold and other metals, including rose and yellow gold and different types of silver such as platinum and aluminum. But these Judaica items tend to be simpler than those found in this exhibition. silver judaica

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