A Silver Kiddush Cup Makes a Great Gift

A silver kiddush cup is an important part of Jewish tradition. It holds the wine that is used to sanctify Shabbat, holidays and other special occasions. In Judaism, a blessing is recited over the wine to sanctify the day and celebration. This ceremony is called a “kiddush” and is the foundation of all Jewish rituals.

Kiddush cups are usually made of sterling silver or anodized aluminum pewter. Some are also made from regular glass or ceramic. Some are decorated with etchings or paintings on the outside but this is not a necessary part of their design. The cup should be large enough to hold at least 3.2 ounces of liquid. It should also be kosher for use with wine and other beverages.

It is recommended to wash the cup by hand so that the 14k gold coating inside does not get destroyed by chemicals from a dishwasher. It is best to dry the cup after each use with a cloth or towel to avoid stains. It is recommended that the cup be washed only with cold water and not hot or warm. One should not clean the cup with toothpaste, salt or any other abrasive recipe that uses baking soda and cream of tartar because they can damage the cup.

Having a personalized Kiddush cup set is a great way to make your family feel more connected to Judaism. This is especially true if the cup has a message of love and a personal touch that reminds the family members of the importance of being kosher for themselves.

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