Advantages of a Heat Pump Dehydrator

Drying is a vital process in preserving the quality of food materials. But it consumes high amounts of energy. This is why there is always a need for better drying techniques that will conserve energy and lower the operating costs of the process.

In heat pump dehydrator, the latent heat of the ambient air is utilized to heat the food material, which allows for higher energy efficiency and reduced running cost than conventional methods. It also allows for faster dehydration of foods and herbs without compromising their nutritional content.

Compared to the conventional hot-air drying method, heat pump drying has the following advantages:

Low Temperature Dehydration
Many products such as herbs, vegetables, flowers and fruits need to be dried at low temperature so that their nutrient contents can be preserved. Conventional high temperature dryers (Electric, Gasfired, etc) can cause damage to these delicate materials. Heat pump dehydrators are an ideal solution because they can be used for a wide variety of items.

Another benefit of a heat pump dehydrator is its humidity control system. It uses a strong and even airflow to take off the moisture from foods without over drying or losing flavor. This makes it a great choice for drying meats and other products with a high fat content. Nyle Systems’ FD 60 heat pump dehydrator is designed to efficiently dry your products while maintaining taste, texture and nutrients. Its intelligent controller allows you to easily create a customized drying schedule to suit your unique needs.

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