Anti Embolism Stockings – For a Long Term Bed Ridden Situation

If you’re looking at a long term bed ridden situation such as pregnancy, surgery or illness, your doctor is probably going to recommend anti embolism stockings. These stockings are gradient compression stockings or socks that are designed to keep the circulation moving properly within your legs.

When you lay flat for a period of time, the circulation in your legs is going to quit functioning the way it should. There are small valves inside of the veins, and they use gravity in order to work properly. Laying horizontal, keeps these veins in constant flux, and blood clots can form.

Your leg veins must move blood clear down to your toes and back up to your heart. They’ve created veins with little valves to help keep gravity from allowing blood to pool at your ankles and feet. Anti-embolism or deep vein thrombosis socks and stockings are available to help you when you have to be bed ridden. Or during long periods of standing still or sitting, many desk workers and factory workers have problems with circulation due to the way the muscles in the leg must keep moving in order to keep the valves and circulation working properly.

You can avoid having circulation problems if you exercise your legs during the period of long standing or sitting. All you have to do is simulate walking, stretching, ankle swirling, or even just clenching the muscles. All of this allows your circulation to work properly, try to do it at least once an hour for 10 minutes at a time anytime you’re sitting or standing for long periods of time.

Deep vein thrombosis is blood clotting in the veins of the legs. While this may not be a serious situation, if the clot breaks free, it can head to your heart or your brain causing stroke or heart attack. It’s vital that if you’re going to be bed ridden that you wear support hose or anti-embolism socks or stockings.

Your doctor will help you choose which type of anti-embolism stockings you need for your time in bed. Some of them are light support, and others offer extremely heavy support. It’s important that you get the correct sizing, as well as the right length in order for the socks to be comfortable. Also, you’ll find that the socks are seamless so that bedsores are at a minimum.

There many different types of anti embolism stocks and stockings and some of them will be called compression socks, gradient compression socks or stockings, and of course they’re made for men or women. If it looks like you’re heading into surgery, mypopsox

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