Anxiety – Suffering Should Not Be an Option

Anxiety is such a hugely debilitating feeling. It can dominate your life and ruin it in the process. It can affect your health, pull apart your family and lose you your job. It is a powerful emotion and one that can ruin a life if not curtailed.

However, the important thing about anxiety is that it is an emotion. It is something generated from thoughts in your mind. It is your body reacting to over processed thoughts, which often have little to do with reality.

Being knocked down by a bus and suffering a broken leg is a physical injury which we can all associate with. Suffering from anxiety is hidden. It is something which can’t be tested. That makes it hugely misunderstood. One of the major factors in prolonging anxiety is the inability for people around you to understand and relate to what it is that you are experiencing. This leads to greater withdrawal and an increased feeling of nowhere to turn.

If you suffer from anxiety you will understand all of this, but those around you probably won’t quite so much. That’s why it is so important that when suffering from anxiety for any length of time you get help. You find someone to talk to who is willing to listen and understand what your concerns are. Someone who might be able to hold a mirror up and reflect back on you so that you can perhaps start to see things differently.

Doctors and psychologists are the obvious answer and if you are suffering badly then these are the professionals that you should turn to. However, if you haven’t quite got to that stage, but feel you are heading that way, why not try a few sessions with a life coach. They can quite often head off your problems before they get too serious. If nothing else they offer an open, impartial ear – a rare thing in this day and age!

Furthermore, it isn’t as expensive as you might think and you can get it face to face, by telephone or even in some cases by email. A few sessions might be just what you need to turn your life around and rid you of the dark cloud of anxiety coach

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