Arebesk – Grip Socks Manufacturer

Arebesk is the first grip socks manufacturer to introduce a stylish, designer line of pilates/yoga/barre socks that provide both style and traction. Featuring two half circle silicone patches on the ball and heel of the foot, Arebesk’s colorful line of grip socks are a necessary staple for all workouts that require a secure hold. Designed for comfort and durability, each pair features an extra silicone tab inside the heel of the sock to help secure the fit and a mesh drawstring wash bag to make them easy to carry and clean.

Grip socks have a very good anti-skid effect, which makes people feel more confident and stable while exercising. Besides, they also play a role in health care for the feet. Bare feet sweat and breed bacteria, so people wear anti-skid socks to protect them. In addition, people often wear anti-skid socks in trampoline or progression in inflatable structures, because shoes and socks will be angular, which will cause more pressure on the soles of the feet.

We are a top-quality grip socks manufacturer, providing our clients with the best quality products. Our factory has a complete production process, so we can control every aspect of the manufacturing to ensure the highest level of quality and fine detail.

We are dedicated to continuing to improve our production technology, so we can offer our customers the finest quality grip socks available in the market today. We use three different types of grip materials, which are PVC, silica gel, and flocking fabric. The latter is much thinner than the other two, but it still has a very good anti-skid effect. grip socks manufacturer

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