Armor Ring – What Is It About Armor Rings That Makes Them So Desirable?

I think that it just great being a little quirky, different and non conformist. But, how to manage it can occasionally present a challenge unless you go all out totally with downright weird and wacky (that can take some courage). But, I have found a perfect way to express your individuality really easily in the shape of an armor ring and if you have never seen or heard of them then you are in for a visual treat.

As a piece of jewelry an armor ring does not fit the stereotypical ideas of what a ring is that is for sure. Round and boring they are not but, visually impactive and dramatic, now we are talking. How else can you describe something that, whilst it is worn on your finger and so is by definition a ring is also nothing like anything you could possibly begin to imagine.

So, what do they look like and what makes them so special? Can you picture a finger adornment that is both appealing to the guys and the gals because of being both intricate but robust at the same time? They are special because they are made in 2 or 3 pieces and cover your finger from its base to just below your finger nail or second knuckle depending on the style or design you choose.

Made of either pewter or sterling silver which makes them 1. Inexpensive 2. Durable 3. Comfortable to wear and other names for them include medieval ring, Gothic ring, or full finger ring which may help you visualise how they would look on your hand.

Think awesome mystical designs that kind of conjure up pictures of dragons, knights and times of medieval maidens. But, with an intense aura of mystery and a powerful presence to wear one feels like it is a real privilege.

I have never known any other ring that I have ever worn to create such an impact, being stopped and asked what is it? Where did you get it? How can I get one? Amongst a whole host of others besides. It makes you feel pretty special so having that desired individual effect you love to create and embrace, no problem.

If Vivienne Westwood has cottoned on to these amazing finger decorations and put her own spin on the styles, then you know that they are something totally unique. She has to be the Queen of dramatic and bold, let us be honest twin set and pearls she is most definitely not.

So, why not fulfil your desires in being able to stand out in the crowd and take a look at an armor ring? Because wearing one makes doing just that really unbelievably simple in such a stylish, inexpensive way. Finger rings

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