Careers in Cybersecurity

The digital age has provided amazing opportunities for good — but it also opens the door to bad actors who exploit cyber-connected devices and systems. With data breaches becoming more commonplace and attacks growing increasingly sophisticated, cybersecurity professionals serve as a vital bulwark against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

As such, careers in cybersecurity are increasingly popular, with jobs available at every level of an organization — from entry-level to executive leadership positions. And while most roles in the field don’t involve jet-flying around the world dodging bullets or instantly identifying malicious code by its red color (thank you, CSI: Cyber), there are a variety of exciting options that provide the same gratifying work experience and professional growth potential as any other IT role.

For example, an entry-level cybersecurity specialist can help prevent data breaches by implementing basic security practices like keeping antivirus software up to date and using a strong password. In addition, they can take steps to safeguard sensitive information by encrypting files and ensuring employees use secure wireless networks when working remotely. And they can also bolster an organization’s defenses by using artificial intelligence to thwart a variety of threats, from predicting data breaches to alerting workers to phishing attempts in real time.

Regardless of your specific background, you can easily make the switch to cybersecurity if you have the right skills and attitude. In fact, many skills acquired in other technical fields such as finance and risk analysis, information systems, and IT security transfer quite well into cybersecurity. SOC

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