Cheap Places to Travel From Australia

Despite the recent rise in airfares and cost of living, it’s still possible to travel abroad. With a bit of planning, Australians can enjoy state-of-the-art hotels, delicious foods and fun recreational activities without breaking the bank. To help you plan your next overseas adventure, we’ve compiled this list of cheap places to travel from Australia.

The exotic island of Bali is one of the cheapest destinations to visit from Australia, thanks to its low cost of living and affordable food and accommodation. Known for its majestic palm trees, pristine beaches and scuba diving, this Indonesian paradise is also home to a variety of cultural and historical attractions. From exploring the mystical Angkor Wat temple complex to shopping for bargains in the bustling Jalan Alor night market, there’s plenty to do and see on a budget in this beautiful country.

As the second cheapest destination on our list, Sri Lanka is a dream come true for travellers looking to get off the beaten track and experience some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. Featuring awe-inspiring mountains, tranquil lakes, and crashing waves, this beautiful nation offers a rich fusion of culture from its colonial past and ancient Indian and Buddhist heritage. From cheap flights and accommodation to luscious tea, fascinating history and friendly locals, there’s something for everyone in this tropical paradise.

Another of the cheapest countries to travel from Australia, Vietnam is a dazzling blend of natural beauty and ancient traditions. Breathe in the fresh air of a mountain resort town or relax on a sun-drenched beach with a drink in hand. Enjoy the vibrant culture of Hanoi or soak up the history of Saigon on the renowned Reunification Express train before taking in the stunning scenery of Vietnam’s lush countryside.

India may be a bit more expensive for airfares, but once you’re there it’s easy to make it on a budget. It’s possible to get by on a mere $18AUD per day and there’s so much to discover from the incredible sights of Delhi to the mouthwatering food in Kolkata.

With a population of over 180 million, China has everything you could want in a travel destination. Whether you’re an art and cultural fanatic or simply love to shop and eat, there’s plenty to do and see in this vast country. It’s a top pick amongst the world’s best cities for shopping, and its beautiful landscapes are an added bonus.

With a massive 7 million square kilometers (2,968,000 sq. miles), Australia is a huge country. It would take weeks to drive around the entire country so most travellers focus on just a small part of this diverse and exciting nation. This makes it perfect for “grey nomads” (retirees who spend their golden years on the road in a campervan) and backpackers looking to explore on a budget. cheap places to travel from Australia

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