Cherub Figurine by DT Exclusives

When you think of cherubs, your mind may conjure up images of chubby-cheeked angels cavorting among the clouds. But the word cherub actually refers to an order of angels, and not to a particular type of angel.

These heavenly creatures are eager to explore life’s mysteries. Crafted in quality designer resin to celebrate details from dimpled knees to feathered wings, this cherub garden statue crouches down to examine a tiny snail. This DT-exclusive angel is a fond portrayal of Cupid inspired by the angels of the Renaissance, and can embody love, heaven, and prosperity in your spa, pond, or garden.

Article Details

This 8-1/2 inch Cherub figurine is a heartwarming addition to your home or garden. Display it indoors on a table or in a garden planter to brighten your day, or place it outdoors under a tree or among flowers for a whimsical display. For outdoor use, please place on a stone or mulch base to prevent moisture damage.

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