Choosing the Right Screw Type For Your Application

The right fastener head type, size and material is critical for many applications in high vacuum hardware. Choosing the right screw for your application can reduce downtime and maximize performance. Button Head Socket Cap Screws feature a rounded head and are more suited for confined spaces than traditional socket cap screws. They also have a lower head height and allow for more preload than other socket screw types.

Designed to be turned with an allen wrench or hex key, these screws can be tightened to much higher torque specifications than slotted and cross recessed drive machine screws. They have a deep hex recess and thick side walls which make them stronger than other socket screw heads and provide greater resistance to cam out.

Socket Set Screws are typically used in a compression or clamping application to prevent movement between two objects. These screws pass through a threaded hole and then tightened against the object to create a pressure or force between the fastener and the object.

Pan Head Machine Screw
Similar to a socket head cap screw, a pan head machine screw has a rounded top with a flat shoulder that slopes at an angle of 82 degrees if imperial or around 90 degrees if metric. Like other screw heads, this allows the screw to sit flush against the surface of the materials it is fastening to and provides a more aesthetic look. These screws are also used in safety applications where a higher profile screw could potentially snag or damage harnesses or other body parts. Button Head Screw

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