Conservatory Roofs – Why You Should Choose UPVC Conservatory Roofs

Conservatories provide a stunning space for your home. They are an extra room you can use all year round and they can add a lot of value to your property. They can be used as dining rooms, playrooms and family spaces. You can even choose a conservatory with a glass roof if you like the feel of being outside in a bright room. However, if you want to make your conservatory truly usable all the time then a tiled roof is essential.

A conservatory with a solid roof will keep your space warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It will also help you to reduce your energy bills. This is because a solid conservatory is more thermally efficient than a traditional glass or polycarbonate conservatory. It is therefore a cost-effective way to make your conservatory more useful and it will raise the overall value of your property.

UPVC is one of the most popular materials for conservatory roofing. It is a durable material that can resist a variety of weather conditions. Despite its durability, it is vulnerable to damage caused by hailstones and debris. A leaking conservatory roof can be a serious problem as it can lead to water leaks in your home. Fortunately, leaking conservatories are easy to fix and it is often possible to repair the problem without having to replace the entire roof.

The leaking conservatory roof can be caused by several factors. One cause is the deterioration of the lead flashing. Another is when the seals under the polycarbonate panels perish. Regardless of the cause, it is important to find the right solution to repair the leak quickly before more damage is done.

If you’re looking for a new conservatory roof, Capricorn Windows Limited can offer you a wide range of options. We have a team of professional and experienced installers who will ensure that your project is completed on time, on budget and to an excellent standard. We are committed to providing the best quality service and we offer a comprehensive guarantee on all of our products and installations.

Whether you’re in Cardiff, Pontypridd, Newport or other areas of south Wales and south west England, we can turn your conservatory into a comfortable room that you can use all year round. Our conservatory roofs have been designed to outperform other roof options and they can improve your home’s energy efficiency. They can even reduce your household carbon emissions.

If you’re interested in a tiled conservatory roof, contact Capricorn Windows Limited today for an estimate. We can install a roof to suit any style or size of conservatory and we will provide you with the best price in the area. We can also combine a tiled roof with existing polycarbonate panels, allowing you to retain your current style while enjoying the benefits of a solid, thermally efficient conservatory. We serve clients throughout the UK and we are happy to travel to your location for a free consultation and quotation. conservatory roofs cardiff

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