Curly Hair Salon Melbourne

Curlies, wavies and naturals everywhere dread the idea of getting their hair cut because they’ve heard so many horror stories about terrible chops. If you have curls, it’s important to find a stylist with specialised training in cutting curly hair. Unfortunately, most stylists don’t undergo specialised curly hair cut technique training at beauty school and this can lead to disastrous results that make your curls look like your 4-year-old niece took matters into her own hands.

But don’t worry – there are plenty of curly-loving hairdressers that specialise in the art of cutting and styling curly hair. You just have to know where to find them. This article will help you find the best curly hair salon melbourne for your unique curls.

Rhodes Hair & Spa

If you’re in the Eastern suburbs and are looking for a curly hair salon that gets your locks right, look no further than Rhodes. Swathed in Aveda aromas and staffed with some of Melbourne’s best curly hair specialists, this salon has ‘curl love’ written all over it. Owner Tom has devoted 30 years to perfecting his philosophy of supporting all textures and his clients leave with an exceptional cut, an in-depth understanding of how to manage their curls at home and far more confidence than they had before. Book an appointment today! curly hair salon melbourne

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