Custom Grip Socks No Minimum

Whether your customers are looking for cozy socks to wear while watching TV on a sleepy Saturday or sporty socks to help them find balance on their yoga mat, custom grip socks make perfect promotional products that showcase your brand and can be used as an alternative to typical swag. Adding your logo to socks will ensure that the product gets noticed and helps increase brand awareness at events, conferences, or trade shows.

Custom grip socks are designed with a rubber or silicone added to the bottom of the sock to prevent slippage, often in the form of lines or dots. They are usually designed for specific uses, such as trampoline socks or cycling socks, but can be customized for any use you imagine. Embroidery involves stitching your logo directly into the fabric of the socks, which is a durable and long-lasting option. It requires thicker material, but is a great choice for corporate apparel or socks that are intended to be worn frequently.

Printing is an economical method that involves printing the logo onto a piece of transfer paper. The manufacturer then places the paper on the sock and applies heat and pressure. The result is a durable, high-quality product that looks stylish and feels comfortable.

We offer a one-stop service, including design, knitting, QC, matching and packaging to ensure the highest quality product and on-time delivery to your doorstep. We also provide additional personalized products, such as tags and labels, to deepen your brand impression. custom grip socks no minimum

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