Custom Grip Socks Wholesale – Save Big by Buying in Bulk

Whether you’re bouncing on the trampoline, doing a high-intensity yoga class or sweating it out at your local barre studio, custom grip socks wholesale are a great way to help protect your feet and minimize the risk of falls or slips. This specialized sock has non-slip grips on the bottom to make it easier to maintain balance and prevent injury, especially for those with limited mobility or who are at a higher risk of falling.

Grip socks are becoming increasingly popular among people who practice Pilates, barre or other workouts on smooth surfaces and want to minimize their chances of falling or injuring themselves. They’re also a requirement at some Pilates and barre studios due to safety concerns. While you can buy grip socks at the counter of a gym or yoga studio, they’re often sold at a steep mark-up. Fortunately, you can save big by buying custom grip socks in bulk.

These low-cuff socks have a wide, comfortable cuff that fits over the ankle and extends to about mid-calf. They’re made from soft, stretchy breathable fabrics that can be personalized with your own logo and designs. They also have a padded foot and heel tab to protect the ankle, and the top edge of the cuff is rounded rather than straight for comfort.

Choose from a variety of fabric blends to customize your socks. Options include a standard 40g weight without added cushioning, a 50g weight with some added cushioning for impact protection and compression ribbing on the arch and leg, or a 70g weight for maximum terry cushioning around the entire foot and a reinforced heel and toe. custom grip socks wholesale

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