Custom Grip Socks

Grip socks are a must for football players, as they improve contact between the foot and shoe and can help to prevent internal slipping. This is important for athletes as a second’s fraction of edge can mean the difference between crushing defeat and thrilling victory. Grip socks are often made with breathable material and so can keep the feet relatively fresh, even after a long and grueling game.

We produce a range of custom grip socks, from simple one-off commemorative designs for cultural celebrations, to high-performance products to boost club performance. Grip socks can also be used by brands and businesses to promote their brand identity and drive revenue through club merchandise.

Our market-leading grip socks are available in a full range of sizes, from small to extra large. They feature a unique gel pattern and colour to create an eye-catching design that will make your trampoline park stand out from the crowd. They are treated to prevent odour build-up and come with a partial gel grip on the foot area for happy sliding.

We also offer a lightweight grip sock, ideal for those on tighter budgets or who prefer a lighter feel. Both products feature the same great performance features as our elite grip sock, but with a lighter yarn and intricate custom weave options that allow a detailed design to be displayed. custom grip socks

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