Custom Invitations Can Be More Cost Effective Than Pre-Designed Invitations

Many brides are shocked to find out that custom invitations can actually be more cost effective than purchasing pre-designed invitations from a store. This is because when you choose to customize your invitation suite, it allows you to include all of the important details and personal touches that will make your wedding or event one of a kind.

Using a trusted stationer for your wedding or event stationery is a great way to ensure that the colors, paper quality and print method are exactly as you imagine. Additionally, when choosing a professional to do your invitations, it is worth considering the value of their time, expertise and care that they will bring to the process.

Aside from the design, it is important to consider the cost of embellishments and inserts. Some of the most popular options include foil stamping and embossing, which are both techniques that can add a metallic finish to your invites. Engraving is a printing technique that creates a raised, embossed effect on the paper and can be used for more formal or luxury invitations.

Another great option to consider is adding an information card. This is a perfect way to share all of the extra details that may not fit on your main invitation, such as directions, hotel info, itinerary and more! Lastly, don’t forget to factor in any additional embellishments you may want to add, like envelope liners, that will also contribute to the overall cost. Etemply

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