Cute Milestone Cards For Your Baby’s First Year

Capture the most important moments of your baby’s first year with these cute cards. Each double-sided card has a fun illustrated milestone design on the front and space to write the date and notes on the back. They come in a sturdy keepsake box and feature rounded corners for safety.

These cards, which document your baby’s key age-related milestones, are printed on high-quality 350gsm paper and come with a drawstring bag for safe keeping. Featuring an adorable panda design and space to write the dates, they’re great for parents looking to capture those special memories.

If your baby loves Peter Rabbit, this set of milestone cards is a lovely gift. It features illustrations of the characters and includes 37 milestone cards, each with a space to write the date on.

These milestone cards are a great way to encourage your child to learn new words and phrases. The second and third sets, with orange and red backgrounds, feature words that differ by only one phoneme – the smallest unit of speech that can make a huge difference in pronunciation and understanding.

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