Defender Hard Tire Cover

Land Rover defender hard tire cover provides a stylish and practical way to protect your spare wheel from dirt, sun damage and theft. This cover is manufactured from tough, high-quality materials to OEM standards.

It also helps to deter theft as the cover makes it more difficult to remove a thief’s spare wheel.

Product Description

The defender hard tire cover adds a rugged yet refined look to the rear of your vehicle. Its molded design features a silver DEFENDER logo and is designed to be a direct replacement for the factory spare wheel cover. This cover is manufactured from high-quality materials to OEM specifications. Its hard molded center dish and durable flexible vinyl outer edges help prevent damage from abrasions. It is also easy to clean, which makes it a perfect choice for those who travel on rough terrain.

The premium spare wheel cover comes with a black finish, but it can be painted to match the color of your vehicle. It is designed to provide a snug fit, and it features a thick elastic shock cord that keeps it secure on the tire. This cover is made from a durable material that is resistant to moisture and UV rays. It is also easy to install and remove.

The Defender 130 is the pinnacle of Land Rover’s family of iconic off-road vehicles. This model offers refined proportions, a spacious cargo area and state-of-the-art Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle (MHEV) technology that enhances refinement, efficiency and response. Its MHEV 48-volt system harvests energy that would otherwise be lost when the vehicle slows down and redeploys it to help with torque assistance during stop-start driving.


The defender hard tire cover is designed to fit a wide range of wheel sizes, from 18 inch to 22 inch. It features a safari classic Rhino design in cream color illustration. It is made with ABS plastic & UV stabalised vinyl and has an elastic sewn in the back to make fitting & securing easy. It will fit both beadlock and non-beadlock wheels.

It elevates the look of your rear wheel while also providing a high level of protection to keep it in pristine condition. The cover has an engraved CTC logo, displaying the unparalleled standards and craftsmanship that Chelsea Truck Co is known for. It can be painted to match your vehicle’s color or customised with a bespoke CTC design for an additional cost. This cover is the perfect combination of style, protection, and bespoke luxury for your Land Rover Defender. It is guaranteed to be a head-turner wherever you go! So go ahead and treat yourself to this luxurious accessory. You won’t regret it! Order yours today. We ship worldwide. Please allow 2-3 business days for shipping.


The defender hard tire cover is manufactured using premium materials, such as ABS plastic and UV stabalized vinyl. It also features an elastic sewn into the backing to make fitting and securing it easy. The cover is designed to fit wheel sizes between 19 and 22 inches. This makes it perfect for both beadlock and non-beadlock wheels.

The cover is printed with high-resolution, eco-solvent inks, which are embedded into the vinyl for superior durability. It is then finished with a UV inhibitor to prevent fade. This ensures that the color and design will stay vibrant for a long time.

The defender hard tire cover is the perfect way to elevate your Defender’s rugged yet refined look. Its sleek finish and engraved CTC logo showcases Chelsea Truck Company’s unparalleled standards and craftsmanship. The cover is the ideal addition to any Defender, whether it is used for off-road sequences or simply as a statement piece. The defender hard tire cover is available in a number of different color options to suit any style. You can even get a custom paint job to match your vehicle’s color for an added touch of bespoke luxury.


A stylish addition to your Defender’s rear-mounted spare wheel, this hard cover protects the wheel from mud and dirt and adds a touch of bespoke luxury. The molded black painted face is embossed with a silver DEFENDER logo. An elasticated self-adjusting band and drainage hole at the base ensure a tight fit around the wheel. This cover fits wheels up to 22 inches and is designed specifically for Defender 110 and 90 New Generation L663 vehicles fitted with a rear-mounted spare wheel.

The rugged, weather-resistant thermoplastic face and automotive-grade vinyl band of this tire cover are color-matched to your vehicle’s paint for a seamless look. They’re also easy to clean and maintain, offering a long-lasting appearance. They allow you to easily interchange between beadlock and non-beadlock tires; simply use a Dirt Defender universal expansion ring (sold separately) on your non-beadlock wheels when using these covers. This allows you to keep an extra set of covers for changing conditions, and save time in the field by eliminating the need to remove and reinstall the expansion rings between beadlock and non-beadlock wheels.

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