Electrical Panel Clearwater – Why It’s Important to Have an Up-To-Date Panel

Electrical Panel Clearwater The breaker panel in your home is where electricity that comes into your house is divided to the circuits that power lights, receptacles, and other components throughout your home. It’s also where the circuit breakers are located that automatically “trip” and stop the flow of electricity when there is too much running through your wiring. It’s a key component of your home, and if it gets old or fails, it can put your entire electrical system at risk of failure and possible fire.

Tampa homeowners often need to have their breaker panels replaced or upgraded to keep up with the demands of the modern electrical equipment in their homes. It’s important to have an up-to-date breaker panel that can handle the current needs of your electrical appliances, especially in Florida where the use of pools and air conditioning can add significantly to the demand on the breaker box.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that your breaker panel is safe and functional, and there are certain brands of panels that should be replaced immediately by a licensed electrician, including Sylvania. These panels have been known to malfunction and cause shorts, which could lead to a potential electrical fire in your home.

Your breaker box is hardwired and dangerous to work on, so it’s always best to have a licensed professional perform any work on it in your home. There are several signs that it may be time to call a professional, such as noticing lights flickering for no apparent reason or finding burn marks on the breaker box itself. Licensed electricians are well trained to safely work on the electrical system in your home, and they can help you determine whether your breaker panel is functioning properly.

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