Finding Cheaper Car Warranty Policies

Investigating the various car warranty policies available to consumers in the UK, it soon becomes clear that they vary considerably in price. Some policies appear to cost almost three times as much as comparable alternatives. Why is there such a range of prices?

One answer seems to be that those selling car warranties are taking advantage of a lack of consumer knowledge. While many of us might shop around to get the best price on a CD or a new stereo, it seems that far too few people are willing to do their research when it comes to car warranties.

Many retailers have been taking advantage of the situation to get the highest prices possible. Our failure to shop around means that we are often paying far more for car warranty than we really should be.

Nowhere is this more clear than in the case of car retailers. So many consumers look to car retailers as their source for car warranties. The impact of this has been that car retailers are often charging considerably higher prices for car warranty policies than independent warranty companies.

Part of the problem is undoubtedly that we, as consumers, are unsure of the best places to find alternative deals. Fortunately, the internet provides a great resource for this very task.

A number of independent car warranty specialists have turned their attention to the consumer market. These companies have traditionally sold their products to car retailers, who have then sold them on to car owners.

By selling direct, car warranty specialists have been able to reduce prices, which is great news for customers. It’s now possible to buy warranties online at lower prices than are found from car retailers.

All that’s left is for consumers to take the time to have a look online and compare deals. There are cheaper car warranty policies out there – now is the time for us to start looking for them. car extended warranty

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