Front Doors Bridgend

A front door is more than just a means of entering a home, it sets the first impression of your property. Front doors bridgend can be crafted in a wide variety of styles and materials, each providing their own unique benefits. Composite doors, for example, offer a contemporary and stylish option that can be enhanced with glazing, handles and door furniture. This makes them an attractive replacement for traditional timber or uPVC front doors.

Composite front doors are the most popular choice for UK homeowners because they provide a high level of thermal efficiency, security and durability. They are made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic) or uPVC combined with wood and insulating materials for a robust and strong product that’s also low maintenance. These are bonded together and then wrapped with a weather-resistant skin, giving you a solid front door that’s resistant to warping and swelling even when exposed to the elements.

Unlike timber, uPVC is a low-maintenance material that won’t rot or rust, and it’s also highly durable, making it an excellent choice for a front door. It can be coloured in any colour you like, from sleek battleship greys to deep charcoal shades. And it’s easy to personalise your front door with glass panels, handles and accessories such as letterboxes.

Our energy efficient front doors help you save on your heating bills. They’re up to 19% more thermally efficient than a 44mm traditional timber-panelled door, reducing heat loss and cutting down on your energy usage. This is especially important for homes in Bridgend, where the climate can be colder and more volatile than elsewhere in the country.

You can further improve your energy efficiency with sidelights and transoms, which are fixed glass panels on one or both sides of your door. These allow more natural light into your entranceway, but can be glazed with obscurity or pattern to maintain privacy and reduce heat loss. You can also add blinds-between-the-glass to allow you to open them when you want to let in sunlight and close them when you want to maintain your privacy.

A uPVC door is a versatile, protective and secure option for any type of home in Wales, whether it’s modern or traditional, conversion or new build. You can choose from a range of finishes, colours and textures to suit your home, and further personalise with smart hardware like Kubu, which helps you keep track of whether you’ve locked the door or not. front doors bridgend

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