Get More Business Today – Top Tips for Using YouTube For Your Business

The second biggest search engine in the world is now YouTube – it’s a fact! Yet modern businesses are still unfamiliar with using YouTube to drive more business to their respective websites or sales numbers. That may be because they do not have the knowledge or time to create an effective video marketing campaign. Setting up a YouTube channel that looks professional and reflects the business brand, using that across other social media, researching keywords, producing video with annotation, collecting effective backlinks – all takes time and knowledge.

There are however, certain tips that any business can employ to kick start their YouTube campaign.

Using effective keywords.

Using the right keywords to reflect your business is vitally important. Key words are the words that people put into Google to search for something. For example if I was searching for a solicitor in Manchester – I would type in “Manchester solicitors”. You therefore have to make sure the correct targeted keywords are included in your titles and description.

Another ‘must’ is the video itself. It is getting more important to produce relevant, substantial and useful content. Gone are the days of throwing up any old video and it would get ranked. Any video uploaded to your channel also needs to be well optimized for search engines and have effective call to action annotations with your URL description.

Creating effective TAGS.

Each video needs effective Tags that reflect your business keywords and business type or product. You can use your keywords to form part of your Tags. Also make sure you have a unique tag, this ensures your videos will show up on the side bar of your channel.

The use of ANNOTATIONS and effective CALL TO ACTIONS.

You can now use annotations in your videos to engage your viewers and send them to other videos of yours or to subscribe to your channel. Another important aspect is the Call To Action. This is when a pop up appears in the video advertising your website or sales line – it helps to make the connection with your potential customer.

Many users have a learning style preference such as visual learner, kinesthetic learner etc. This means some people learn by sight or by hearing, most of us by both. Therefore ensure the auto caption is in your video. This adds text to and it is well known that if we hear, see and read information it tends to retain more readily.

Use a Playlist on Your Channel
Using a playlist is like a filing cabinet for your videos. It makes them easier to manage and helps direct new customers to relevant categories; These may be by topic or product type.

Facebook & Twitter
Ensure that your business has a Facebook and Twitter page so you can link your YouTube account to these pages. That means when you update your YouTube account it automatically updates both your Facebook and Twitter pages and would let all your followers know.

Video Links.
You can help build your online YouTube exposure more quickly by posting a video response to like minded videos on YouTube. You can also send a video link in emails to customers or clients and ask for feedback to get links back, this will improve your search engine optimization.

Back Links.
It is also important to build back links which will help your video rank higher in the searches. By adding your video to a blog post, Squidoo, Pinterest etc. You can also create an article about your video and post that to various article directories and other Web 2.0 sites. Another must do is to upload your video to other video sharing sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion etc.

YouTube the Community
YouTube is a community so when you are creating your videos think about whom your viewer may be and why they would want to watch your video. In your videos make sure that you tell them something useful and do not try to over sell.

Once you have your YouTube channel up and running you need to make sure it is managed. Start inviting your existing customers to visit it and subscribe and like your videos. Ask them to leave comments this will improve your search rankings. Keep updating and releasing new videos and video comments and make sure your videos are on your company blog or website.

YouTube is an undiscovered internet marketing phenomenon that if done right, can really drive business to your website and very little cost. Like any technique it does take time, but the rewards can be great and really cost effective.

William Wesselby is a video marketing specialist; He has produced many tips and hints for businesses to use video as a marketing tool. Make sure you check his YouTube channel and look out for further articles on video marketing for business. buy youtube comment upvotes

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