House improvement. Top 10 eco innovations that will help you save money

1. The C6 Plus Wall and Panel System

The energy efficiency of any house can be improved by more insulation. Many home improvement suggestions for reducing your heating bill include cavity wall insulation or external wall insulation, but in new builds, why not go a step further?

The C6 Plus Wall and Panel System is a state of the art new product from Howarth Timber Engineering designed to implement the very best in insulation material in structurally independent roof and wall panels that are both internally and externally clad.

This new technology demonstrates just how thermally efficient new building methods and materials can be, whilst still being practical in terms of use and cost.2. Calsitherm Climate Wall Board

Much like the C6 wall system, the Calsitherm climate board concentrates on maximising thermal efficiency.

Taking the place of plasterboard, this wall board boasts reduced heat loss of 50% and is only 30mm thick. The Calsitherm Climate Wall Board also demonstrates its versatility as it combines insulating qualities with breathable technology that provides protection against dampness and mould growth, making it the perfect insulation choice for older buildings with minimum disruption in installation.3. Vphase

Vphase is a piece of revolutionary new technology that after one simple installation can reduce your energy consumption by 10%, with no change in your energy use habits. Vphase works by reducing the incoming voltage to a house from 240/250V to 220V, this voltage optimisation improves the energy efficiency of your house and as all appliances have to work with a voltage from 207V to 253V according to EU standards, you can still use all the electrical equipment within your house as normal.4. Triple Glazing

All of us have heard of double glazing, and the more energy-conscious may have even considered installing Low-E glass into their home, but have you considered triple glazing?

Triple glazing significantly reduces the amount of heat lost through a property’s windows: the U-value of a next generation triple glazed window is 0.73W/m2, compared to 1.8W/m2 of a standard window.

Because triple glazed windows still use the standards components of double glazing and come in the same thickness – 70mm, they can be fitted with minimum disruption and very little extra cost.5. PVT Thermal Solar

PVT or photovoltaic Thermal Solar has recently been launched in the UK as a new, more energy efficient method of collecting heat to be used in a property’s hot water system. Like traditional systems, the PVT system uses renewable solar energy to heat water, but unlike PV systems, the new design reduces the amount of useless heat produced and can work effectively in temperatures above 25°C.

A heat pump then concentrates the heat energy produced, resulting in an energy output ten times greater than traditional PV systems. Many new houses for sale in Greece are equipped with modern PV system. The region is situated in climate zone with averaged temperature above 25° and that makes it economically profitable.6. GlassEco Recycled Worktops

With people looking more and more to reducing the waste they produce and recycling as much as possible, GlassEco have come up with an innovative and stylish solution to some of the harder materials to recycle.

They have released an attractive range of kitchen countertops made from recycled glass, old TV screens and sea shells, to name a few.

Their range is made from up to 99% recycled material and demonstrates a practical solution for high-embodied energy materials, as well as being eco-friendly and attractive, the GlassEco range is easy to clean, scratch resistant and resistant to high impact, making it a green as well as practical choice. conservatories merthyr tydfil

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