How a Phone Answering Service Can Help Your Business

Whether you are an on-site receptionist or work from home, your customers want to be able to reach you. If they don’t, they may leave a message or call a competitor. Missed calls cost you money and can damage customer satisfaction. But when calls are promptly answered, your business thrives and your customers become advocates for your brand.

Telephone answering services capture incoming calls on your behalf when you can’t answer. Most are trained to represent your company and speak in a tone that aligns with your brand. In addition, many can provide callers with the information they need, including appointment booking, product ordering and technical support. They can also take detailed messages that will be immediately delivered to you (via email, text or a voicemail) or to your on-site receptionist.

A live answering service is a great option if you have a busy schedule. It can be difficult to keep up with calls when you’re trying to close a deal, serve current clients or work on long-term projects. Plus, interruptions are expensive – it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus after each distraction.

Most answering services charge by the call or by the minute, although some offer flat rates. Check with multiple companies to compare prices and services. Be careful, though: a bargain may not deliver the quality you need. Look for a provider with a solid track record in customer support and a reputation for providing the services you need. phone answering service

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