How to Choose the Best Call Center Headset

The best call center headset provides crystal-clear communication and helps your team deliver a positive customer experience. It also helps eliminate background noise and distractions that can hinder effective communication with your customers. With EKSAtelecom’s top-notch call center headsets, you’ll increase productivity and improve your caller’s overall experience with enhanced sound quality that reduces echo and static.

We offer both wired and wireless headset options. Wired models feature USB connectivity for easy computer connection, while wireless headsets connect through NFC for convenient one-touch pairing, RF for freedom of movement, or Bluetooth to provide seamless connectivity. The right choice depends on your infrastructure, but we recommend looking for models that can support advanced features like noise reduction, mute, and echo cancellation.

Comfort is important for a headset that your employees wear all day, and many of our call center headsets come with soft, padded headbands and ear cushions. They’re designed to reduce neck and head strain, and lightweight headsets are preferable so they can be worn for extended periods without discomfort. We also have headsets that come in a variety of wearing styles, so you can find the perfect fit for your employees’ needs.

Noise cancelling technology is a must for any call center headset. It minimizes ambient noise so that your agents can hear their customers clearly, and it ensures that your customers can hear your agents’ advice and guidance. We have mono and duo headsets that are ideal for single-operator call centers, as well as large-scale call center environments.

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