How to Convert European Shoes Sizes to US

When it comes to european shoes sizes to us, some brands can be a bit confusing. For example, the same brand may use different sizing systems for UK and EU. If you are ordering online, look for the brand specific size conversion chart if they have one.

Many shoe stores equate each European size with a UK/US size for convenience. However, this isn’t always accurate and can make purchasing shoes from overseas difficult if you are not familiar with the European sizing convention.

In general, men’s EU shoe size is approximately 2 smaller than women’s. To determine your men’s European shoe size, subtract 31 from your US shoe size. Women’s US shoes are also about 1 size smaller than EU shoe sizes.

Shoe sizing is a very complex matter and varies widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. Many factors are involved including last shape, upper material and the overall design of a shoe. This is why it is important to try on the shoes you’re considering purchasing and find a pair that fits well.

You can find useful sizing guides on the manufacturers’ websites as they usually have tips on finding your correct fit. Additionally, most online retailers will provide a return policy and this is especially important if you are buying shoes from a country that uses a different sizing system. Depending on the retailer’s return policy, it may be worth considering a larger or smaller size to allow for a better fit.

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