How to Create Beautiful Paper Quilling Art

Paper Quilling Art is a decorative craft that dates back hundreds of years and is still crafted by people all over the world. It involves coiling and shaping strips of paper to create shapes such as the flowers and leaves on this framed artwork. It’s a creative outlet that can also help improve hand-eye coordination for young children.

Whether you’re just getting started with quilling or have been working on the technique for a while, it’s important to get all your materials together before you begin. You’ll need a quilling tool, some pre-cut paper strips (available in a variety of colors and widths at craft stores) and a glue. It’s also a good idea to invest in a circle sizing board, which is a sheet of plastic with pre-drilled holes in different sizes. This will allow you to roll perfect circles each time.

You can find many patterns and templates for different projects on the internet or in quilling kits, but it’s also fun to just start with a blank piece of paper and let your creativity flow. Some people like to sketch out their designs on tracing paper before they begin, especially for larger pieces that require multiple strips of different lengths.

Artist Yulia Brodskaya loves to use paper quilling to celebrate nature and humankind, particularly where they intersect. She also uses her creations to express the way light hits the world. For example, she created a portrait of Van Gogh’s Irises, in which each paper curl represents the direction of a paint stroke. Paper Quilling Art

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