How to Make Someone Obsessed With You With a Love Spell

If you want your crush to feel obsessed with you, you can use a love spell. This can be very effective, but it’s important that you only cast it on someone that you really like. This is because obsession can be a dangerous thing, especially if it’s not healthy for the other person. You should consult a professional when performing this kind of spell, and they can help you determine whether it’s appropriate for your situation.

The first step in this love spell is to prepare a sachet bag. You can make this by sewing two small sheets of muslin together and filling it with potpourri, herbs, flowers, or even a charm. Once you’ve done this, place the sachet bag in your lingerie drawer or underwear. You can also wear it under your pillow or carry it with you at all times to keep the spell working.

During the full moon, meditate in front of your sachet bag and think about the person you wish to be obsessed with you. When you do this, remember their name as often as possible. The full moon is a powerful time to perform this love ritual, as it encourages the energies of attraction and desire.

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