How to Open MDB files Without MS Access?

Let’s first discuss what the term MDB file stands for?

The full form of MDB is a Microsoft Access database file. The version used by Access is the ACCDB file format. MDB files mainly include tables, database queries, and other files in the database that are used to link other applications like SharePoint, Excel, and files like XML, HTML, etc.Why do users want to open MDB files without Access?

Many users have to open and view MDB files but they are unable to do it.  Because they don’t have Microsoft Access on their local system. Hence, they want some alternatives by which they can easily open their MDB files. In this blog, I will explain different means by which you can open, edit, and view MDB/ ACCDB files without installing MS Access 410 on the system.How to Open MDB files without MS Access with some manual tricks?

Various tools that can open your MDB files without installing the Access on your device. These are –  1 . MS Excel

You can try Microsoft Excel for opening ACCDB/ MDB files on your device. It is one of the common tools that is used when Microsoft Access does not work. You can import the .mdb file into MS Excel. It will be stored in the format of spreadsheets.

2. Use LibreOffice

In this tool, you can create, see, and edit your MDB files with ease. Plus it also opens various other types of MDB files. The tool also offers features such as sort, modify the search, filter, import, and export MDB files.

3. Try Oxygen Professional Base

If you are unable to view and open .mdb files through Libreoffice. Then, you can use Oxygen Professional base to create, edit, and see your .mdb, and .accdb files. This tool also imports/exports the MDB files.

4.  Apache OpenOffice Base

This tool is taken as an alternative if you don’t have Microsoft Access. The tool is used to import and export MDB and ACCDB database files.

5.  DB Tool

This tool is quite the same as other Access database tools. DB Tool can support different database file formats such as ACCDB, MDB, XML, HTML, and so on. This tool is freeware and still maintains its functionality to open, edit, and create MDB files.

6. RIA Media Viewer

The RIA media viewer can support not only MDB and ACCDB files but various other file formats like FLV, PDF, DBF, SWDF, JPG, XML, HTML, and many more. This tool is quite convenient for swiftly opening MDB files without Access.

7. Try NotePad

You can try Notepad to open the content of MDB files that are text-based irrespective of the file extension. However, it doesn’t offer the guarantee that it will open and show the contents of the MDB file. 

You can use any one of the following methods to open your MDB files. Still, you are unable to execute these tools. Then, it simply means that your MDB Files are corrupted. To repair this issue, you need an alternative method.An Alternative Method

You can use the SysInfoTools MS Access Recovery Tool.  This tool can easily open your MDB files without Access. it is also able to fix the corruption in the files at the same time. Users can reinstall their corrupt .mdb file and its databases like tables, data, queries, and objects. Upload Files

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