How to Send Large Files Securely and Efficiently

When it comes to sending large files, there’s no one right answer. The best file transfer method depends on the size of the files you’re working with, who you’re sending them to and what apps and services you both use. Some of the most popular options for sending large files are cloud storage providers and dedicated file transfer services. They make it easy to upload and send files of any size, while also providing easy access for recipients through an email link or app download. Others are more cumbersome, such as couriering over a hard drive or even physically sending files via USB. In Hollywood, movie studios often courier terabytes of daily footage between production locations and post-production studios on physical drives because the files are simply too large to be easily transferred over the internet.

Whether you’re trying to email large files within your company or with external stakeholders, the file transfer process should be seamless and secure. Otherwise, users will find unsanctioned ways to send and receive files outside of the corporate network, exposing your organization to risks like data breaches and compliance fines. Luckily, there are modern options for businesses who need to send large files that make it easy and secure to do so without breaking the bank.

If you’re using a third-party file transfer service, it’s important to understand how they’re managing the storage of your files. Many services only offer a limited amount of free space to store and send files. For example, some offer only 2 gigabytes of free storage to all customers and require you to upgrade to a higher tier in order to continue sending large files. This is an inefficient way to manage your file transfer needs, and you’ll want to find a service that manages your files for you at scale so you can focus on what matters most.

With the right enterprise-grade file transfer solution, you can avoid inefficient and costly third-party solutions and host your own system for transferring files of any size. By doing so, you’ll enjoy unlimited free storage and a wide range of file management and collaboration features that can be used on any device.

The right large file transfer solution will work with your existing email and productivity tools, allowing you to seamlessly share files from any location and at any time. ShareFile’s Outlook plugin bypasses the Outlook attachment size limit and works with all versions of Outlook including Office 365. Plus, you can get more out of your file transfer system by creating a customized portal and sharing it as a URL or embedded on a website.

With a secure file transfer platform, you’ll never have to worry about emailing large files again. With TitanFile, you can easily bypass Outlook’s attachment size limit and create a ShareFile link in just a few clicks that you can then send via your favorite IM client or group messaging platform. You can even set it up to automatically replace any attachments over 25MB with a ShareFile link, or choose to do so on a per-file basis.

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