How to Spot Emergency Heating Services

With the cold, snowy winters that many parts of America experience, it’s important to have a reliable furnace in your home. But even with regular maintenance and annual tune-ups, sometimes your heating system can malfunction. And when it does, you need a heating repair service that will be able to arrive quickly.

Emergency Furnace Services
Whenever your furnace is experiencing a problem, it’s a good idea to turn off the system and contact a local heating repair professional. Doing so will prevent further damage to your system, and it will allow the technician to properly diagnose the issue.

Unusual Sounds
Odd noises that come from your furnace are a clear sign of a potential issue. These sounds can indicate serious damage, and they could lead to a complete breakdown of your system if left unattended. If you hear strange noises from your furnace, turn off the gas and contact a heating repair service right away.

When to Use EM Heat
During normal operation, your heat pump will activate your EM heat automatically. However, you can also manually turn it on to bypass the heat pump and access your system’s backup system (which is usually an electric heat strip or a gas or oil furnace). While this option does help keep your house warm, it should only be used in emergencies.

If you are a low-income homeowner or renter, and your primary source of heat is damaged, the Human Resources Administration offers financial assistance through the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP). Applications are accepted Nov 1 to April 29. Emergency Heating services

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