How to Use Runner Rugs in Your Home

A well-placed runner rug is an excellent addition to any home. These narrow rugs work well in hallways, staircases and kitchen floors. Runners are often made from cotton or wool, but some may also be produced with synthetic materials like polypropylene for easy cleaning and stain resistance. Choose a flatweave for a low-pile look that’s ideal for high-traffic areas or opt for a plush feel with a shag rug, depending on your needs and personal preference.

The Hallway

Runner rugs are most commonly found in hallways, which makes sense because they’re an easy way to bring a bit of warmth and visual interest to this area of the home. A dark-colored runner rug can instantly add an elegant or royal appearance to a space, while light-colored runners are good for brightening up hallways with less natural light.

Living Areas

Similarly, a runner rug can be used in a living room to create a comfortable and welcoming ambiance for guests. The wide variety of colors available for runner rugs means that they can work well in almost any home decor, from modern to traditional and everything in between.


The kitchen is a great place to utilize a runner rug because it’s an effective way to soften the hard lines of hardwood or linoleum floors. This can be especially useful when the room’s flooring is a bold color that might clash with furniture pieces in a neutral color scheme. A runner rug can also help keep the feet of family members and visitors a little warmer as they move about the kitchen.

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