How to Write an Effective Increase Salary Request

Increase salary request is a formal document that communicates your desire for a pay raise to the person who manages your company’s compensation decisions. It’s more professional than asking your supervisor directly, and it gives you the opportunity to research your worth based on current salary trends in your industry.

You should address the letter to the person who manages your pay increases and bonuses, or someone in their direct report if they’re a senior manager. Don’t try to go over their head — it can look desperate and limit your chances of receiving the increase you want.

Start with a polite greeting, such as “Dear [Name].” Then, briefly explain the purpose of your letter. Include your name and title at the company, as well as how long you have been with them. Your letter should also provide the reason you need a raise, such as taking on new responsibilities or exceeding important goals. Research salary trends for your industry and region, so you can clearly state the amount you are requesting.

The final paragraph of your letter should list all the key accomplishments you’ve achieved during your time with the company that demonstrate why you deserve a raise in pay. Be sure to quantify your achievements when possible, such as the number of goals you’ve met or exceeded and the amount of money saved or earned. Also, remember to align your raise request with performance review cycles or significant company milestones. Increase salary request

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