Hydraulic Oil Coolers

A hydraulic oil cooler is a heat exchanger that cools down the temperature of the hydraulic oil in your equipment. It’s an essential part of any hydraulic system that requires a consistent working temperature to perform properly. The cooling process works by circulating the hydraulic oil in a continuous loop through the cooler to dissipate energy. This prevents the hydraulic oil from overheating and damaging your machinery, extending its lifespan and helping you get the most out of it.

Overheated hydraulic fluid leads to degrading of the oil, which causes the lubricant to lose its viscosity, creating friction in your hydraulic machinery. This can damage seals and bearings, reducing the overall life of your equipment. A hydraulic oil cooler allows the fluid to be circulated through a series of baffles, which help lengthen its path and keep it at optimal temperatures.

Hydraulic oil coolers are ideal for any hydraulic power pack, engine or power washer that generates a high amount of heat while in operation. They can be mounted in a variety of locations, including on the tank, wall or floor. They are designed to be installed with minimal maintenance and have an easy-to-use switch that powers on when the hydraulic system reaches 140oF, and powers off when the hydraulic fluid reaches 100oF. This ensures that the hydraulic oil cooler will only work when it’s needed, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.

All hydraulic oils have a practical temperature limit beyond which they begin to break down and relinquish their non-compressible properties, transforming the once-productive fluid into sludge-like deposits and degrading your equipment. A hydraulic oil cooler can prevent this by allowing the hot hydraulic fluid to pass through an exchanger where it is forced to travel through cold air, which brings down its temperature to a normal operating level.

An auxiliary hydraulic oil cooler can be added to your truck for any application that uses a hydraulic drive motor or accessory, such as mulchers and wood splitters for skid steers, excavators, tractors and more. It helps to extend the life of your equipment by lowering its operating temperature, and it reduces problems like bounce, chatter and leveling issues caused by overheated hydraulic fluid.

A hydraulic oil cooler is a heat exchanger for a liquid such as lubricating or quenching oils, typically a round tube and fin construction that can withstand water pressures up to 35 bar. These coolers offer a stable cooling and filtration performance irrespective of the flow and duty cycle variations in the main hydraulic circuit, making them the preferred solution for hydraulic oil applications where the system is frequently running at full load. They are available in a wide range of sizes with varying tube bundles and cooling surface areas, and can be built from stainless steel (316L) or copper for compatibility with most operating environments.

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