Lawyer Hattingen

Lawyer Hattingen is one of the best law firms in Germany. It has a wide range of expertise in several areas, including business law, real estate law and corporate governance. Its attorneys can help clients choose the right legal structure, draft articles of association and more. They also have extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions and capital market transactions. They are regularly ranked among the top lawyers in Germany and are well known for their exceptional judgment and strong business acumen.

The firm’s attorneys can help with various kinds of property law issues, such as commercial and residential leases, landlord-tenant disputes and foreclosures. They can also handle zoning laws and other local government matters. They can also advise on tax issues, such as property taxes and inheritance laws. In addition, they can handle a variety of other issues related to commercial law, such as e-commerce, employment and labor laws.

Lawyer Hattingen is a law firm that offers comprehensive legal services for businesses and individuals in the region of Hattingen. Its attorneys are skilled in both German and English, and they provide translation and interpretation services. They can accompany clients at meetings, negotiations, business events, conferences and seminars. They can also assist with the selection and purchase of real estate and organize tours in the region. The firm also provides a service that allows clients to rent equipment for simultaneous interpretation.Rechtsanwalt Hattingen

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