Matter Residences – A New Way to Communicate With Your Smart Home

A Matter residences is a new condo located at Mattar Road and the developer offer Direct Developer Discount for this project. This is the best chance to get a luxury and affordable home at Macpherson area.

In short, Matter is a way for different smart home systems to communicate with each other using the same language. It’s an open standard, meaning that anyone can join and use it, though most big companies will make their own apps to control devices. Smart voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home and Samsung SmartThings will also support Matter.

The main function of a Matter controller is to onboard devices to the home network, manage communications between them and other hubs, and control their functions. It will take care of Wi-Fi and ethernet devices, and it can talk to Thread devices through its own radios or via the Thread protocol. Eventually, all Matter controllers will be able to talk to each other, so you won’t need multiple different hubs to control your entire smart home.

Many existing smart home products will become Matter-compatible as brands pursue certification. Some of them will require a hardware change (such as Eve’s swappable modules for its locks and Yale’s Matter-over-Thread radios), while others can be upgraded through an over-the-air firmware update. For example, all of Amazon’s current Echo smart speakers and displays will be able to run Matter in spring 2023, as will its Eero Wi-Fi routers. matter residences

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