MBA Online – Pros and Cons

Online MBA programs serve a large, under-tapped market of working professionals who are unable or unwilling to leave their careers to pursue an MBA. The flexibility and convenience of a fully-accredited online MBA program can be very attractive for busy adults who want to earn an advanced degree, but are juggling work and family responsibilities.

Pro: Online learning works best for self-motivated, organized students with excellent time management skills. Because a majority of interactions with instructors and classmates take place through writing, students must be comfortable communicating clearly and concisely in a digital format.

Con: It’s harder to make connections with classmates when you’re taking classes online. But some schools offer ways for online students to meet their classmates in person through in-person residency opportunities or other virtual events. And you can always choose to take a mixed-mode MBA program, like Franklin’s, which allows you to blend face-to-face and online coursework for maximum flexibility.

Online: Online students may miss out on some of the perks associated with in-person MBA programs, such as student clubs and social activities. However, some universities are experimenting with ways to boost the social aspect of online MBA programs, such as pairing online students with classmates for in-person immersion events or international field study residencies.

In addition, online MBA programs typically have a higher tuition than on-campus programs. But many students are able to offset the cost by using scholarships, grants and employer tuition assistance programs. mba online

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