Mens Bamboo T Shirt – 3 of Our Favourite Brands

Bamboo is like nothing you’ve ever worn before, it feels super soft and luxurious to the touch and is sustainable, ethical and hypoallergenic. It’s also breathable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial – perfect for a t shirt.

There are many different mens bamboo t shirt options to choose from, and we have selected some of our favourite brands to help you find the best one for you. This list is a great place to start, and hopefully it will inspire you to try some new clothes!


Founded in 2009, Rapanui is one of the bigger players in the bamboo t-shirt game and is a brand we are really happy to promote. Their collection is a mix of casual and loungewear to suit everyone, with a strong sustainability focus which we love. They have a large range of plain bamboo t-shirts which are super affordable and a perfect addition to your sustainable wardrobe.


Another big player in the sustainable clothing industry, BAM is a one-stop-shop for everything you could need for work, leisure or travel. Their bamboo range is huge and includes everything from t-shirts to shorts. Their t-shirts are made from a mix of cotton and bamboo viscose, so they’re breathable and super soft to the touch.

A classic long sleeve crew neck made from a blend of 70% bamboo and 30% organic cotton. The result is a fabric that’s super soft to the skin, with breathability that will keep you 2 degrees cooler than traditional cotton t-shirts. Plus, it has a built in odor control system and is antibacterial. mens bamboo t shirt

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