MMA Sparring Gloves

When it comes to MMA sparring gloves there are lots of options on the market. At Made4Fighters we stock a range of MMA sparring gloves to fit every fighting style. MMA gloves tend to be lighter and more flexible than boxing gloves. This allows fighters to move and grab opponents in grappling and clinch fighting moves whilst still having good hand protection.

Most MMA gloves have open fingers and a free thumb which is necessary for MMA as the rules of the sport allow grabbing, clinching and throwing techniques. They are also much sleeker than the bulkier mittens of boxing gloves which makes other MMA techniques such as ground combat easier to learn.

Compared to the 4 oz MMA glove that is standard for competitions most MMA gloves have more extensive padding on the knuckles which makes them safer for sparring than the smaller MMA competition gloves. We also have bigger 7 oz MMA sparring gloves which have even more knuckle padding. We have a range of MMA sparring gloves for every size fighter and all our MMA gear is available to order online or in-store at our martial arts store.

A correctly done pair of MMA gloves with a proper wrap will hold the 27 bones and muscles in your hands together as a single robust unit, dramatically decreasing the risk of injury to your hands. This is why all MMA fighters use fabric hand wraps in addition to their MMA sparring gloves. Gants mma sparring

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