One Bernam – A New Launch Condominium in the Heart of the City

ONE BERNAM – An upcoming mixed development that offer supreme connectivity and vibrant lifestyles in the heart of the City. Situated within the Anson precinct, this new launch condominium is only a few minutes’ walk to Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and the upcoming Prince Edward Road MRT Station. Residents can enjoy easy access to the CBD, a wide range of Grade A office towers and a ready pool of quality expat tenants.

The Bernam River Basin is a major source of water for the cultivation of paddy, and a large part of the region’s rice production is dependent on this run-of-the-river irrigation scheme. Typically, the demand for water in the wet season exceeds the available streamflow. This often leads to water shortages and rationing in the field, especially during drought periods. The impact of future climate change on the flow patterns of the Bernam River Basin is largely unknown to date.

Our study aims to assess the impacts of climate change on streamflows using a regionally integrated modelling system (RSIMS) and an application of the SWAT model. Historical gridded hydro-meteorological data from eight stations (in the case of rainfall) and two stations for temperature were used to set up the RSISMS model, with sensitivity analysis performed to identify the most influential parameters in predicting Bernam River basin flows.

People with the name Bernam are exceedingly domestic and love their family and home, dedicating much of their time to making these comfortable and secure. Their love for others is also very strong and they will often sacrifice their own needs in order to meet the needs of those closest to them. They are not easily discouraged and will fight to the end to achieve their goals. They have a strong spiritual connection with the natural world and are very observant. one bernam

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