Pilates in Wollongong

Whether you are recovering from injury, looking to increase your strength, improve core stability or just want a great workout pilates in wollongong is a perfect exercise for everyone. But if you want to maximise the benefits of pilates, it is important that you take up the exercise under the guidance of a qualified teacher. As many as 70% of injuries in the gym are due to exercises being performed incorrectly. That is why taking a class at a studio with a Studio Pilates trained instructor is worth your while.

If you are in need of a little extra support and guidance with your Pilates we recommend booking in with a Physiotherapist at Phytness HealthCare who specialises in Clinical Pilates. Your physiotherapist will conduct a full assessment and prescribe techniques or exercises that are very specific to your body. This minimises your risk of re-aggravating your injury or pain and ensures that you get the best results from your pilates.

Our instructors are qualified to teach all levels of pilates, ranging from safe, gentle and progressive through to the high level challenge of Equipment based Pilates. We follow the principles of Joseph Pilates and use the latest research into the management of musculoskeletal dysfunction.

We offer small groups with a maximum of 7 students per class which allows for personal interaction, feedback and guidance so that you can learn & maintain the Pilates Principles of correct breathing, technique, centreing flow, mindfulness and precision which are required to receive the amazing benefits correctly executed pilates has to offer.

Our studio is located at East Corrimal Beach and we have a beautiful outdoor space, perfect for pilates. All classes are led by a Studio Pilates trained and internationally qualified instructor, who is passionate about helping people feel the joy and the benefits of this amazing exercise system. Our classes are designed for all levels, beginner to advanced and help to improve core strength, muscle tone and overall health and wellbeing.

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