Reasons to Consider a SUP Rental

For those that are new to paddle boarding, renting a board is ideal. This is also a great option for people who don’t want to commit to purchasing a board and only use it a few times a year. Additionally, a decent paddle board can last years and can be easily repaired by a professional should it get damaged or scratched.

Whether you’re looking to work on your balance and core with sup rental yoga or to simply enjoy the view from out on the water, stand up paddle boarding is an awesome workout for your entire body. On average, recreational paddling burns 330 to 460 calories per hour! This full-body exercise strengthens your core, arms, legs, and flexibility.

Another great thing about paddle boarding is that it’s a lot easier to take on the water than kayaking. Kayaks can be difficult for beginners to navigate, whereas a SUP is very stable and can be used by almost anyone.

Inflatable SUPs deflate and fold into a small backpack, which makes them much easier to transport and store than kayaks. This feature means you can bring your inflatable paddle board on a plane, tuck it into the trunk of your car, or slide it tidily into a closet at home. This versatility and ease of transport is a huge benefit to those who may not have a lot of storage space at home or don’t have a boat rack to stow their gear.

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