Rockwell Hardness Tester For Sale

Hardness testers are used to measure the hardness of metal and other materials. They work by applying a known load to an indenter, usually a diamond cone or steel ball. The indentation left behind is then measured by a machine. The results can be compared to the standard hardness scales for metal, including Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers. Whether you need an accurate and versatile portable unit or a sophisticated bench-mounted one, we have the right model for your application.

The Rockwell hardness tester is a classic test method that uses either a diamond cone or a penetrating steel ball to determine the hardness of a material. It is the most widely used hardness testing method in the world. Rockwell tests are quick, easy and accurate for all hardness ranges. They are the most common type of hardness test used in manufacturing and can be applied to many different types of flat surfaces. However, this method cannot be applied to cylindrical surfaces or very small parts.

We carry the latest models of rockwell hardness tester for sale from the best manufacturers in the industry, including Qualitest and Buehler. These devices are perfect for heat treat operations, metallurgical laboratories, quality control departments, failure analysis and research centers, and many other applications. They can also be used in conjunction with optical microscopes for cross-sectional analysis. Our selection includes a wide range of models from both well-known brands and newer startups.

If you need a rugged and durable tester that is suitable for any environment, consider the Phase II 900-332 digital Rockwell tester for sale. This model features a high-resolution LCD touch screen with programmable scale and test force conversions, dwell times and statistical capabilities. It can be used for the regular Rockwell scale as well as the more advanced Superficial and Twin scales.

This is a high-performance and affordable hardness testing system that is ideal for any work environment, from small heat treat shops to large commercial facilities. It has a powerful indenter, an adjustable test force and is capable of testing a variety of surface hardness levels. It can even be used to determine the surface hardness of soft plastics and other non-metallic materials.

A hardness tester is a reliable tool for measuring the strength and stiffness of metals. We have a wide selection of these instruments, from simple handheld units to high-end models that can perform multiple tests. You can find the ideal tester for your needs by comparing our features and specifications. If you need help choosing the right model, our team is happy to assist you. We can provide additional information about the different hardness testing methods and how to apply them to your specific application. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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