Room in Roof Insulation

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that around 25% of heat is lost in properties with uninsulated loft spaces or rooms in the roof. Insulating these spaces to a standard that meets building regulations is easy and affordable and could save you a substantial amount on your energy bills.

room in roof insulation involves insulating a loft space that has been converted into an attic room and replacing the standard loft insulation normally found in an unconverted space. It can be installed in homes with a pitched or flat roof. This insulation is fitted by fitting rigid foam insulation boards in the space between the rafters. It is then covered by plasterboard to create a cosy living space.

This type of insulation is more expensive than standard loft insulation but it can be more cost effective in the long run. It will keep the loft space warm in winter and cooler in summer, which will lead to a much more consistent temperature throughout the house, making the property more comfortable and reducing the cost of heating.

During the winter, heat rises and escapes through the roof if it is not adequately insulated. It is important that the gable walls, stud walls and party wall are also insulated to prevent heat loss from these areas too.

It is important that this type of insulation is fitted by a professional installer as incorrect installation can result in heat escaping, causing cold spots or damp problems. It is also advisable that this type of insulation is not undertaken as a DIY job unless the homeowner has experience in this field and can ensure everything is done to the required standards, including fire resistance and handling of electrical cables.

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