Sex Therapist San Diego

Sex Therapist San Diego

Licensed sex therapists help individuals struggling with a range of intimacy and sexuality concerns, such as:

The sex therapists on this list are specially trained in all the nuances of human sexuality for both individuals and couples. Some of them have been in private practice for decades, addressing intimacy and sexuality issues in relationships of all kinds. Others specialize in helping individuals with a specific area or issue, such as overcoming trauma, gender identity, menopause, or hormone issues. Some are also specialized in working with the LGBTQIA+ community.

People seek sex therapy for many reasons, such as:

The main goal of sex and sexuality therapy is to build your confidence in the bedroom. This can help you to have more satisfying, pleasurable sex, and improve your relationships. In addition, sex and sexuality therapy can help you better understand your beliefs, feelings, values, patterns, and expectations regarding sex. This can be helpful in identifying what’s preventing you from having the sex you want, or in deciding how to proceed with your current sex life.

Joey Guzman-Kuffel, MA, LMFT is an experienced relationship and intimacy therapist. She works with both adults and couples, addressing an array of concerns including sexual abuse therapy, infidelity, erectile dysfunction, and lack of communication. Her clients say she provides a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment for discussion of sensitive issues. She is bilingual and provides counseling sessions online as well as in-person. sex therapist san diego

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