Shutters North East

Established in 2019 and offering a premium range of made-to-measure window shutters, blinds and awnings to both residential and commercial customers across the North East of Scotland. Shutters north east has an extensive selection of styles, materials and finishes to enhance the beauty of every room of the home. They are available in a huge range of colours to suit any interior style.

A popular choice amongst homeowners, window shutters offer a classic and elegant dimension to any space, bringing together the perfect balance of form & function. They are a great option for all windows and doors and can be fitted to rooms of any size or shape. They are easy to clean and offer complete privacy, light control and insulation.

During the initial research process, we were able to identify that there was an opportunity for a shutter business with a clear focus on craftsmanship, service and value. This would ensure that they positioned themselves as the go-to company in their area and could deliver a consistent and tailored approach to all aspects of the business.

After a number of iterations and developments, we created the name ’North East Shutters’ to clearly communicate both the heritage and artisanal craft synonymous with the brand. It also reflects the regions served by the company whilst conveying an upscale, contemporary and bespoke message. We paired this with an updated logo design, a refreshed website and a robust digital marketing strategy to help them grow their customer base in the months and years ahead. This is a great example of how a well-considered brand position, a strategic marketing plan and the right partners can help a new venture establish itself in the market. Shutters north east

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