Split Case Pumps: Everything You Need to Know

What are split case pumps?
Pumps are mechanical devices that are used to move fluids or slurries by converting electrical, mechanical, or wind power energy into hydraulic energy. They came in a variety of sizes from microscopic to large industrial pumps. They are generally classified as Centrifugal Pumps and Positive Displacement Pumps.

When a pump casing contains a single impeller inside it, it is called a single-stage pump, and when it has two or more impellers inside for moving fluid, then it is called two or multi-staged pumps.

Split case pumps are a type of centrifugal pump. They can be single or double staged and are mostly double suction pumps, and used in the supply of water for irrigation and other purposes. The split case design allows them to dismantle the setup in the impeller and bearing house assembly without disturbing the suction and discharge.

They came in horizontal as well as a vertical configuration. When the casing is split along the vertical plane concerning the impeller, it is called the Vertical Split Case pump and when the casing is split along the horizontal plane, it is called the Horizontal Split Case pump. Fire Fighting Hose Nozzles

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